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Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Just ask the Romanos.

Dogged by tragedy and broken dreams, they’ve learned the hard way that not every mistake turns into a foul ball—and sometimes, it’s the words left unspoken that cut the deepest.

After fleeing 1970s San Francisco to escape the shadow of his abusive father, Frank struggles to balance his firefighting career with the demands of raising his talented but challenging son, Danny. Determined to transcend his tortured past, Frank bridges the growing chasm between them the only way he knows how: through baseball.


Danny’s meteoric rise on the diamond draws father and son together, but a shared passion for the game can only carry them so far. When life throws the Romanos a series of knee-buckling curveballs, not even the sport they love can strengthen the withering ties that bind.

As the thrilling seventh game of the 2014 World Series unfolds and chance offers them one last swing at redemption, father and son must confront their intermingled traumas to finally answer the question that torments them both: Is there life after baseball?






“In his debut novel, Patrick Holcomb deftly explores the twists and turns of life, what it means to root for the ultimate outcome, and how the relationship between a father and son can be both tumultuous and a touchstone as we experience the uneven innings of our lives.”

-Andrew Baggarly, San Francisco Giants Beat Writer for The Athletic and author of A Band of Misfits: Tales of the 2010 San Francisco Giants


“A gripping, suspenseful, cinematic view of baseball from the pitcher's mound and of kinship from within the pent-up hearts of a tragically misaligned father and son. Though not a sports fan (until now) I couldn't put this book down.”

-Julene Bair, award-winning author of The Ogallala Road: A Story of Love, Family, and the Fight to Keep the Great Plains from Running Dry


“Holcomb’s deft characterization and rich prose usher the reader through a tale in which life—like baseball—is so often a study in overcoming failure. Jump in and see this saga to its satisfying conclusion.”

-Mike Murphey, award-winning author of The Conman…A Baseball Odyssey


“Patrick Holcomb weaves together San Francisco Giants baseball history with a tale of generations whose only real connections are their genes, their love of baseball, their desire to do the right thing (or the fun thing), and their regrets. Patrick’s novel might break your heart one page and make you wanna play catch with your father the next.”

-Josh Suchon, author of This Gracious Season: Barry Bonds & the Greatest Year in Baseball

"With its rich emotional depth, deft handling of tragedy, and a narrative that uplifts with its message of perseverance, Where the Seams Meet announces the arrival of a talented new literary voice. This remarkable debut is a must-read for baseball devotees and anyone who has found themselves torn between the weight of fatherly aspiration and the fear of failure. This narrative serves as a powerful reminder that our greatest triumphs often lie not in the numbers on a scorecard, but in the unwavering support of those who believe in us."

-Elvis Leighton review for MWSA (May 2024)

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